To GOD be the Glory!

I converted to the good Lord Jesus when I was 16 years old. Later in my life, I prayed, “Lord, make me ready for revival; prepare me for the revival!" Later in my life, I experienced a revival. In several places there was a revival, and at one wonderful opportunity there was a mighty deliverance from smoking that was accomplished supernaturally! In one other situation, I myself was set free from the bad spirit of Jezebel. Derek Prince had a great influence on me and my attitude toward God. I am grateful to the loving Father God for everything that happened! He is so, so good. I say some time: “Blessed be the day I was born!” I bring You a sacrifice of Praise, God!

Jesus came into my life when my sister convinced me to go with her to the YMCA. There, we read John 11 in the Bible. I knew nearly immediately that I wanted to have Jesus dwelling in my heart. I made that important decision public, later on. In 1976, I was baptized in the good Holy Spirit.

My life began as a son of a paralyzed father—polio—on December 7th, 1956. I grew up in a lovely home in Hanover, Germany, and I was with my dear sister. I went to a school to learn Latin and Greek. English got the third place in the schedule or curriculum. When I got ill at one year of age, my mother consecrated me to Jesus, saying, “Lord Jesus, I give my son Stefan to You, if only You will make him well now!” I have been protected by God consistently throughout my whole life! God's grace, sang our parents. I’ve always loved music. I started playing the guitar. My decision to follow Jesus was one I never regretted.

I got baptized in water, in 1976. It happened as follows: The good Charismatic Movement was there. On this day in the winter of 1975 / 1976, Arthur Katz was in Germany as a guest speaker. At that time, I thought about being baptized in water. I call this event “baptism of faith”! I was determined to be baptized. Dear Arthur Katz was Jewish, and he often baptized Messianic Jews who didn't want to be baptized into a Christian community. That’s why he used to baptize in bathtubs somewhere in private. There were some people there who wanted to be baptized, as well. So Arthur tried to baptize us in Braunschweig, Germany. But he was unable to do so due to a lack of opportunity — no bathtub all around! So we tried in Hanover again the next day. It had success, then! We got baptized, and we were happy!
I got the baptism of the Holy Spirit, later that year. I went to a Bible School. That was not spectacular or dramatic, in my case.

Furthermore, I was already 55 years old, when I used my laptop; in 2011. I had a revival. I will tell about that.